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Publicis Sapient is a digital business transformation company. Sapient was founded on November 6, 1990, by Jerry Greenberg and Stuart Moore. On October 17, 2006, Greenberg and Moore appointed Alan Herrick President and CEO of Sapient.

A former employee shares his disappointing experience, "Sapient brags about how much money they have but doesn't spread the wealth. Constantly laying off employees not a good sign."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Years of bungled mergers/acquisitions have left the organization rudderless. Toxic backstabbing culture at times. Leadership is uninspiring at best and clueless at worst."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Mainly leadership seems very disorganized and it wasn’t clear why the leadership that was there was in that place to begin with, very weak. There are no great talents here. There are some some fantastic politicians however. There are no guiding principles, no strong leaders and the work is usually production oriented or straight up web design. This is not a place to build a creative book. It is also a place rife with hidden agendas and lack of transparency. There are plenty of politicians, consultants and average talents. And if that’s your jam, this is the place to be."

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"- Consulting model has lead to empty offices, ongoing travel and poor synergy - Resources are poached from any clients generating less than $2M in revenue - The opportunity to grow within the company depends squarely on the vertical lead versus your manager"

Former Employee - Senior Technology Consultant says

"Being a consultant in top companies means you will be doing the same jobs as their full-time employees will be doing but getting much worse compensation and often time being treated like a secondary citizen."

Current Employee - Experience Designer says

"UX at Publicis Sapient is not managed at all. There is no streamlined experience, no real guidance (no one-on-ones, no growth plans, no ways to report issues in any meaningful way). There is a strong focus on the tech and extremely little true knowledge of (or support of) the role that user experience plays in the work. There is no consistency at this organization. You can enter and have a wonderful experience, but that is left up to chance; there are no processes or managers in place to ensure that you can succeed or grow. Also, stocks are falling and they are not meeting their projections for the upcoming quarter, meaning that while the could have once been said to have been a good place re. job security, that is no longer the case. Layoffs happen at the drop of a hat with no consideration beyond who happens to be billable at that moment. Further, the UX folks have no connection to one another unless those relationships are formed individually. When layoffs happen, there is no transparency. Instead, people navigate PS alone."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A complete lack of respect for employees is allowed to take place. Sapient has a command and control culture across much of the employees at the Director level and above. There are pockets of really great people in the organization, but they are getting smaller as people leave the organization for better opportunities. The 'Power of One' model is great in theory, but pulling people together that have never worked together also means you're merging cultures. Showing zero respect for someone that values work-life balance should not be something that is ignored."

Former Employee - Senior Solutions Architect says

"They will work you to death, asking for 60 to 80 hour weeks when the project you are assigned goes bad, which it generally will, and once the project is over, if you aren't immediately able to be assigned another project, they'll let you go in a heartbeat. The people running the Toronto office are clueless and look to protect those in their office at the expense of others who are not in their office. No leadership or loyalty whatsoever. At its peak, the Cleveland office, which was once Rosetta, had nearly 450 employees. Now, Cleveland is down to less than 70. There is no commitment to Cleveland at all nor anyplace that is not Toronto or Boston."

Former Employee - Associate says

"there's no culture, there's no vision"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor work environment. No training"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"short term projects, stressful environment. You will always be in threat of losing job whenever you come on bench. During recent covid crisis they layoff so much people. Bad management.neither salary hike.Decide before taking any decision"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"High pay, poor management.Work many hours, and travel a lot. Communication is not strong throughout the organization."

associate (Former Employee) says

"Working in Sapient corporation was the best thing to happen. Company work culture was awesome. Performance was appreciated with events like Performer of the week. It motivated every employee to put in efforts to be one of the best performer. Got great exposure to handle the most important client in Sapient. Leaving the company was the hardest decision in my career.Performance recognitionSapient has never given me any chance to think of Cons."

Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"It was my first company and I started my career from Sapient. I learnt all my testing exoperience from this company. The co-workers are co-operating and it is a good company for a fresher"

Senior Associate QA l2 (Current Employee) says

"I have 8 years of experience in both Manual and Automated Testing. Out of this 6 years of experience in Banking and Financial domain. Currently, I am working with Sapient Consulting, Noida as a Senior Associate QA L2 managing a team of 8-10 people which are located in both onshore and offshore. I am acting as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Cash and Treasury Management in the banking domain.Prior to Sapient, I was working with Hewitt Associates, Gurgaon."

Manager, Business Consulting (Former Employee) says

"Great culture as an old entity, but lack of leadership after merged with a french company. lack of innovations and commitment to growth as a company and employees.flexibleno advancement, no learning budget."

Role - Senior Associate Technology / Developer (Former Employee) says

"There is no certainty of projects unless you are lucky to land up in one of their long running projects."

Senior Associate (Former Employee) says

"1. Very good place for fast growth 2. Good take home 3. very advanced technologies used 4. Poor work life balance 5. Manager decides the future of employee"

Web Developer (Former Employee) says

"typical day is normal, nothing great , just ok job with benefits, pto, vacation, retirement package four one k and other ancillary benefits with discounts for bank"

Sr (Current Employee) says

"Positive : Good Place to Work Good Culture Competitive Environment Great Compensation HR Policy is good Negative : Very Difficult to get Projects inside"

Associate, Quality assurance, Level 1 (Former Employee) says

" Verifying the functionality of the Insurance portal.  Developed Test plan based on testing requirements and created Test cases.  Responsible for creating quotes and policies, calculate ITV and endorsements in  Main Frame environment  Actively participated in enhancement meetings focused at making the application more stable for real time usage.  Reviewed the bug reports in bug meetings with developers.  Involved in various levels of testing including Smoke test between various builds and patches.  Involved in UAT (User Acceptance Testing).  Worked with agents to develop user UAT (User Acceptance Testing) for Internet-based busi-ness applications.  SAP CRM GUI testing"

Associate Technology Level (Former Employee) says

"Good Company to work with, but project should be good then only you can enjoy all benefits.."

Compensation and Benefits Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"Sapient is a business agency covering global offices with 10,000+ employees. The people make Sapient a fun place to work in the heart of the city. I love my role as the UK based benefits advisor looking after the employees and their pay. The hardest part is covering all of Europe ensuring employment laws and statutory requirements are covered across all countries. The PeopleLong Hours"

SAL1 (Former Employee) says

"Personal life not very goodLot of work to do,Process not consistentgood salarypersonal life not very good"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Short term projects, so only salary increment but no promotion, stressful work environemt, lots of internal politics done specially by managers. No work life balance. You will not get any type of appreciation for excellent work.Good Transport facility, good incrementlong working hours, biased managers"

Senior Software developer (Former Employee) says

"Good to learn new technologies and new trends. Very bad work life balance. Onsite opportunities are available. Client interaction and stakeholder management opportunities are there."

Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"This place has been one of the best in terms of learning opportunities but there is absolutely no work-life balance . The management is not very friendly and open as they describe themselvesgood learning experienceno work life balance"

Hiring operations (Former Employee) says

"overall it is good organisation to work with, as it provides you with different opportunities. The workload is excruciatingly high because of which almost all the employees are facing health issues. Hard for a family person to find any time for family even on weekends. But the opportunities are good and are quality driven. Way too much pressure to survive in the competitive environment but it also helps in continuous self improvement."

Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Paid well, but involved travelling. Management was dynamic."

Senior Associate (Former Employee) says

"They will hire you after a very no of tough rounds with better salary package and if they don't have project then they will do anything to fire you without informing you earliar.good salary hikefiring and poor management"